West Chester Story Slam

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June 22nd, 2016

Welcome to the West Chester Story Slam podcast, sponsored by Levante Brewing Company, West Chester’s best Brewpub!

Our June Story Slam was themed Betrayal! We have all been betrayed at one time or another, and we have surely let others down in some way. Today we have  stories from our June Story Slam, and you’ll see how the word Betrayal takes many forms.

Peter Cunniffe won the June Story Slam, winning the prized pint glass and earning a slot in our November 1st Grand Slam.

Let’s hear another story from our emcee Mikey Gleason. Mike opened up the night with this humorous tale of family betrayal.

We have another family story next. Dara Zuckernick shared this touching story about her tenuous relationship with her father after he remarried.

We have a bonus story in today’s podcast. Veronica Redd has occasionally told stories at our events and she co-produced last year’s Center Stage event. Veronica has had a long career as an actor on stage and screen. Here she tells the story of how her first television appearance, in the classic 1970s television sitcom The Jeffersons, resonated deeply with one viewer and led to an awkward relationship.

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