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Favorite Stories from the 2015 Season

January 21st, 2016

I’m Jim Breslin, and welcome to the West Chester Story Slam podcast! This is our year-end podcast, the podcast where I get to choose three of my favorite stories. 

The first story was a winner back in January. We had gotten to know Diane Yannick the previous year through her funny stories, but with this story, she let us in on a secret, and we were floored. I admit, I was tearing up by the end of this story. The theme of the January Story Slam was Lost. Thanks to Diane for having the courage to stand at the mic and tell this story. 
Our next story is from Steve Clark. Steve told this story at our Hunger Story Slam, which was in August. Steve is a frequent storyteller and a grade school teacher. 

We occasionally hear stories about life and death issues, and these stories are very impactful. When Pat Jolly took to the mic, we weren’t quite sure where she was going with her story, but the lesson she imparted was powerful. The theme of the may story slam was wake up call. 
Our 2016 Story Slam season will start on Tuesday, January 12th at Side Bar. You can check out all our dates and themes for 2016 on our website, wcstoryslam.com. 

Thanks for listening. And thanks for another amazing season. We’ll see you in 2016.