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Family Feud

July 18th, 2018

Welcome to the West Chester Story Slam podcast!

Thanks for listening!  Today we have three stories from our July Story Slam!! The theme was Family Feud! 

Our winner for the Family Feud Story Slam was Luanne Sims. Luanne told of her ongoing battle of pranks with her brother. 

Next up is a story from Chuck Bauerlein, who recalls the tense times between his family and their new neighbors. 

Our final story comes from Jon Taylor, a first-time storyteller. This story cracked the audience up. Here’s Jon. 

Hey, this summer could be when you catch a Story Slam! On August 14th Story Slam will be here soon and the theme is Sick! Tickets are on sale now!

And if you want to tell a story, buy your ticket and then see me - Jim - when you arrive! All the info you need can be found at our website

Well, that’s our podcast for this month! If you are a fan of the West Chester Story Slam podcast - please let your friends know, or write a review on iTunes. We are also looking for a podcast sponsor for the 2018 season, if interested, email us at wcstoryslam@aol.com for more info.


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