West Chester Story Slam

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August 27th, 2015

We’ve been having a ton of fun this summer at our Story Slams. Our theme for the August Story Slam was Hunger, and we heard some fascinating stories - not just about hunger, but also stories about food contests and food that didn’t agree with people. 

First up - popular storyteller Steve Clark won the story slam with his tale of coaching a girl’s basketball team. Watching this story told live, I was really struck by the connection Steve and the audience had during the telling of the story - you could hear the giggles during the pauses = and I could literally see how those laughs stirred Steve to move on.  Our next storyteller is Cynthia Angst. Cynthia tells this story of trying an extreme diet and how it affected her. Our final story is from a first time storyteller. Kris LaFave decided to throw her name in the hat at the last minute and she captured the audience with this hilarious tale.