West Chester Story Slam

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September 21st, 2016

Welcome to the West Chester Story Slam podcast, sponsored by Levante Brewing Company, West Chester’s best Brewpub!

Our September Story Slam was themed RISK! We heard stories about risky behavior and had a stellar night. In the end, Tom Bottiger was our winner.

Tom has earned a slot in our Grand Slam, which will be held on Tuesday, November 1st at the Chester County Historical Society. Let’s listen to Tom’s winning story.

Our next story is from Terry Heyman. Terry recalled her brother’s risky behavior - and how it didn’t end well.

Our last story comes from Shawn Proctor. What boys do to impress girls - something never change.

Our last Story Slam of the regular season  is going to be October 11th and the theme is WTF! Seats are sold out but we may have some Standing Room tickets available. Check our website. Since you’re marking dates in your calendar, let me remind you that our Grand Slam this year is early - November 1st. Tickets for the Grand Slam will go on sale on October 12th.

Well, that’s our podcast for this month! If you are a fan of the West Chester Story Slam podcast - please let your friends know, or write a review on iTunes - or next time you stop in at Levante Brewing Company, let them know! Elevate your craft with Levante Brewing!